Customs clearance and consulting is an additional service which we can provide to our clients if required.

Services include:

Customs registration of imports by sea, road, air and rail.  Arrangement of customs registration for export freight.  Registration of all client documentation. Calculation and payment of customs duties by specific deadlines. Definition of customs costs.  Assistance in selection of optimal customs procedure & goods registration where complex procedures and specific conditions are involved.  Liaising with State Customs, the Chamber of Commerce and the Industry of Russian Federation.  Obtaining correct documentation and permissions from certification centres, quarantine centres, veterinary control, and the State Ecology Committee.

AGS Liner Service - Breakbulk Schedule

St.PetersburgRotterdam /MoerdijkAntwerpenSt.Petersburg
A350FRISIAN SUMMER04/0805/0809/0812/08
A351KOMET III03/0805/0811/0812/0813/0813/0817/0820/08
A352CONMAR ELBE14/0814/0815/0815/0819/0821/08
A353KOMET III17/0820/0826/0827/0828/0828/08