TRANSY LLC is known for cooperation with the main theatres and museums of  St.Petersburg city for many years.  
And our experience shows that international shipments of pieces of art and  theatrical props, together with the   sceneries, is first of all a very responsible process and second - require  high delivery speed and effective service.  
Main difficulty for transport companies is the exact delivery date because  an exhibition and theatrical performance   are generally held on specific dates and time, which means that all the  equipment must be delivered on time otherwise   a show can be delayed or even cancelled.  



AGS Liner Service - Breakbulk Schedule

St.PetersburgRotterdam /MoerdijkAntwerpenSt.Petersburg
A321FRISIAN SUMMER28/1130/1101/1201/1205/1210/12
A322ROMY TRADER04/1206/1207/1207/1211/1215/12
A323CONGER 12/1214/1218/1222/12
A324FRISIAN SUMMER05/1210/1218/1220/1221/1221/1226/1231/12