TRANSY  have  completed  transportation  of  equipment  from  China to
St.Petersburg.  Oversized  and heavy lift units have been shipped from
Dalian   and  Shanghai  ports and delivered to St.Petersburg port and
further on to the consignees warehouse in a very short transit time.

AGS Liner Service - Breakbulk Schedule

St.PetersburgRotterdam /MoerdijkAntwerpenSt.Petersburg
A350FRISIAN SUMMER04/0805/0809/0812/08
A351KOMET III03/0805/0811/0812/0813/0813/0817/0820/08
A352CONMAR ELBE14/0814/0815/0815/0819/0821/08
A353KOMET III17/0820/0826/0827/0828/0828/08