In July 2019, the TRANSY company has transported another lot of "Soyuz-ST" rocket to the space center in French Guiana.

18 elements of rockets were handled from railway to specialized trailers with using of 2 cranes and then at 37 berth were loaded on board of m/v "MN Toucan".

July 17, 2019 the ship sailed from the port of St. Petersburg to French Guiana.



AGS Liner Service - Breakbulk Schedule

St.PetersburgRotterdam /MoerdijkAntwerpenSt.Petersburg
A321FRISIAN SUMMER28/1130/1101/1201/1205/1210/12
A322ROMY TRADER04/1206/1207/1207/1211/1215/12
A323CONGER 12/1214/1218/1222/12
A324FRISIAN SUMMER05/1210/1218/1220/1221/1221/1226/1231/12