Delivery of consolidated cargoes allows optimizing the cost of international shipments: we consolidate cargoes from a few shippers at one place and ship them together.

Then costs are divided between all the participants and you don't have to pay for whole container or truck and in such a case every party can save money.

Delivery of consolidated cargoes is organized by: inland transportation, sea and rail transport.

International consolidated haulages with TRANSPORT SYSTEMS from Europe, USA, India, China and Southeast Asia are the best choice you can make!



AGS Liner Service - Breakbulk Schedule

St.PetersburgRotterdam /MoerdijkAntwerpenSt.Petersburg
A350FRISIAN SUMMER04/0805/0809/0812/08
A351KOMET III03/0805/0811/0812/0813/0813/0817/0820/08
A352CONMAR ELBE14/0814/0815/0815/0819/0821/08
A353KOMET III17/0820/0826/0827/0828/0828/08